Welcome To Yogi Enterprise

Manufacturer of Bromine Derivatives in India

YOGI ENTERPRISE was established in 1995 with the aim of manufacturing bromine derivatives. As the name YOGI ENTERPRISE suggests, Yogi in Sanskrit means a person who joints or bond and in the chemistry, it means Bonding molecules and creating a unique chemical composition. It is led by a dynamic person named Pravin Bhai Lakhani since its foundation.


Yogi Enterprise will be a recognized leader in our markets. We will realize our vision by investing in people, technology, and assets. upholding the principles of responsible care.

Our Values

Responsible: We value the safety and well-being of our coworkers, communities, and the environment. Everything we do includes the goal of sustaining them for the future. We believe in a zero-injury workplace.


The nature of our technologies demands the greatest attention and care for safety.All employees are prepared and regularly trained to recognize, identify potentiality hazardous situation.

Plant Machinery And Infrastructure

  • Land Area– 10051 MTR
  • Reactors
    – Glass Lined Reactor
    – Stainless Steel Reactor
    – MS Brick Line Reactor
    – MS Rubber Line Reactor
  • Reactor Capacity– 100000 liters, Still Expanding
  • Size of reactor– 1.5 to 10 KL
  • Reaction Pressure– 2kg
  • Columns– Glass line, Stainless-Steel columns, HDPE
  • Filters– PP Nutsche Filter, PP Press Filter, Sparkles, Centrifuges, Send & Carbon Filter
  • Reaction temperature– 10°C to 250°C
  • Dryers– Trey Dryers, Micro Pulverizes, RVD
  • Boiler – 2ton
  • Cooling tower– 500TR

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