Plant Machinery And Infrastructure

  • Land Area– 10051 MTR
  • Reactors
    – Glass Lined Reactor
    – Stainless Steel Reactor
    – MS Brick Line Reactor
    – MS Rubber Line Reactor
  • Reactor Capacity– 100000 liters, Still Expanding
  • Size of reactor– 1.5 to 10 KL
  • Reaction Pressure– 2kg
  • Columns– Glass line, Stainless-Steel columns, HDPE
  • Filters– PP Nutsche Filter, PP Press Filter, Sparkles, Centrifuges, Send & Carbon Filter
  • Reaction temperature– 10°C to 250°C
  • Dryers– Trey Dryers, Micro Pulverizes, RVD
  • Boiler – 2ton
  • Cooling tower– 500TR
Analytical Instruments
  • Gas Chromatograph & HPLC
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • F Apparatus
  • UV Chamber
  • Electronic Waying Balance
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Titration Apparatus
  • Oven
Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Primary Treatment Plant – 25000 Liters per day
  • PP Filter Press – 42plates
  • Scrubber Sets
  • Stainless Steel Evaporator – 5000 Liters per day
Unit Operation
  • Continuous Reaction and Batch wise
  • Distillation
  • Gas Scrubbing
  • Solid Liquid Separation.
Key Advantages:
  • Pioneer manufacturer of N-Propyl Bromide and N- Butyl Bromide in India.
  • Specialization and competence in Bromine Chemistry.
  • Backward integration and on-site production of key intermediates.
  • Understanding and practice in handling, shipping and processing hazardous and corrosive materials.
  • R&D facility with latest technology.
  • Most of the products are developed in house.
  • Offers custom and contract manufacturing.
  • Dedicated, Multipurpose and Multiple product plant.
  • Experienced team of Engineers for Process scale- up, Plant Design, Erection and commissioning.
  • Capability to handle various packaging from Drums to IBC to ISO tank.

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