Calcium Bromide Manufacturer in India

Product Calcium Bromide
CAS #: 7789-41-5
Empirical Formula: CaBr₂
M.W.: 199.90
Appearance: Transparent Water White Liquid
Assay (As CaBr2 by titration) NLT 52 % w/w
Density (@25 °C) 1.70 gm/cm3 or 14.2 lb/gal
Ph-5% Solution (@25 °C) 6.5 to 8.00
Chloride : NMT-0.30%W/W
Sulfate : NMT-0.01%W/W
Bromate: NMT-0.01%W/W
Heavy Metal: NMT-10ppm
Water Insoluble (By gravimetric): NMT-0.30%

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